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Oncology Acupuncture

According to the World Health Organization and Society for Integrative Oncology, and the American Cancer Society ...

Acupuncture is safe and effective treatment for the following side effects of radiation / oncology treatment: Xerostomia, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, restore bowel function post surgery and relieve cancer and surgical related pain.


  • Chemotherapy side effects
  • Neuropathy
  • Severe fatigue
  • Pain
  • Emesis
  • Xerostomia induced by radiation
  • Restoring bowel function
  • Post- thoracotomy pain

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According to the US National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute - Acupuncture is used to treat many illnesses and ailments; however, it is mainly used to control pain, including cancer pain and pain as a result of cancer treatment. Acupuncture has been used in the United States for about 200 years. There is strong evidence from clinical trials that acupuncture relieves nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy and may help a person's immune system work better. It is important that acupuncture treatment be given by a qualified practitioner who uses a new set of disposable (single-use) needles for each patient

The Society for Integrative Oncology - Recognizes acupuncture is safe and effective treatment for pain, as well as resorting bowel function post surgery, chemotherapy induced nausea and fatigue, reducing anxiety and boosting the immune system.

At Rochester General Hospital Lipson Cancer Center, acupuncture service:

  • Provides therapies aimed at relieving the adverse side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Provides therapies to promote health and well-being post CA treatments.
  • Provides therapies to manage and decrease post surgical pain and discomfort.
  • Provides therapies to improve return of bowel function in patients post surgery
  • Provides therapies to restore a sense of well being and reduce anxiety.
  • Educates patients about complementary vs. alternative medicine and the role it may play in their treatment plan.

She treats patients following cancer treatment left with extreme fatigue, anxiety and depleted immunity. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can restore one's energy and strengthen immunity.

Geneseo acupuncture The facial rejuvenation is one of the more popular treatments at Memorial Sloan Kettering among the Oncology patients.

Contraindications: *

  • Lymphodema treatment is only performed distal to the site.
  • Post bone marrow transplant a waiting period of 6 -12 months for needle insertion.
  • TCM treats edema, but does not needle into edema.
  • Patients on blood thinners are commonly treated with acupuncture without ill effects.
  • Deep needling is not performed on patients receiving blood thinners to reduce chance of bruising.
  • There is no contraindication for patients with thrombocytopenia.
  • Pregnant patients have a more limited scope for needling.

*Some patients may receive TCM treatment with modalities other than needles.

Testimonials from patients at RGH Lipson Cancer Center:

  • "The treatments have been a helpful and positive experience."
  • "I liked Shannon's disposition. She has a gentle approach and a soothing way about her.
Rochester acupuncture
  • "Seven acupuncture treatments with Shannon, got rid of my night sweats; for that I am grateful!"
  • "The acupuncture treatments made me feel very relaxed and seemed to settle my gastrointestinal upset. I would like to try acupuncture again and recommend it to others."
  • "Everything about my acupuncture treatments at Lipson Cancer Center were good and helpful. It was a good experience."
  • "Shannon was very caring and concerned."
  • " I had noticeable results from my acupuncture treatments at Lipson. The results were positive and I was pleased with the process."
  • "What I liked best was the acupuncturist, Shannon Pinckney. She was professional and genuinely caring. I also gained a sense of well being from the treatments."
  • "Shannon's advice and knowledge are leading me on a path to balance and less stress. This has been a very positive experience."
  • "Shannon makes you feel special. She takes time to answer questions and treats you like a person, not just a patient."
  • "What I liked best about my acupuncture treatments at Lipson Cancer Center was
    how I feel afterwards!"
  • "I highly recommend Shannon and acupuncture for good results. My body feels better and so do I. The psychological lift is great and a blessed relief from the angst over suddenly been diagnosed with cancer."





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